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Behind 'ORANGE'

Ānemi unveiled a mesmerising side of chill, bass-heavy alternative electronic music with 'Orange', a song about human insecurities and the way individuals create uncertainty or anxiety about themselves by practically 'breathing' the thoughts of everyone else. The entire song structure is purposely composed as in a storytelling format with an atmospheric climax.

From the opening phrase, 'Ask me again, "Did you know the northern line goes south?

Ask me who gave birth to the light and why are humans so obsessed with time"', the protagonist of the song is asked unexplainable questions, putting them in a position of not being able to answer, thus making them feel incompetent and full of insecurities.

Later on, it is made clear that the song is a reflection of a general trend in society where people are so obsessed with the thoughts and behaviour of-essentially-strangers, looking for validation even in the slightest gesture, like a glimpse of an eye from a stranger on the underground. 'It’s so crowded, we addicted to each other's breaths

Does someone else’s thought taste differently than yours?'

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